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Ransomware Protection

Ransomware has been a constant concern for industries across the world ever since Cryptolocker in 2013. Despite ransomware existing for far longer, it was never a major threat that businesses were concerned about. However, now a single incidence of ransomware can easily render a business inoperable by encrypting important or necessary files. When a business experiences a ransomware attack, it quickly realizes that the backups it has are not recent enough, so the business feels as though it must pay the ransom. ESET’s endpoint protection solutions provide layers of defense to not just prevent ransomware but to detect it if it ever exists within an organization. It is important to prevent and detect ransomware, as every time someone pays a ransom, it convinces the criminals to continue to utilize this attack.

Prevent Targeted Attacks and Data Breaches

Today’s cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving with new attack methods and never-before-seen threats. When an attack or data breach occurs, organizations are typically surprised that their defenses were compromised or are completely unaware that the attack even happened. After the attack is finally discovered, organizations then reactively implement mitigations to stop this attack from being repeated. However, this does not protect them from the next attack that may use another brand-new vector. ESET’s endpoint protection solutions use threat intelligence information based on their refers to solutions. It uses the endpoints as sensors all over the world - leave as it is global presence to prioritize and effectively block the newest threats prior to their delivery anywhere else in the world. In addition, most endpoint protection platforms feature cloud-based updating to respond quickly in the case of a missed detection without having to wait for a normal update.

Detect and Prevent Fileless Malware Attacks

Newer threats, called fileless malware, exist exclusively in computer memory, making it impossible for file scanning-based protections to detect it. Furthermore, some fileless attacks will leverage currently installed applications that are built into the OS to make it even harder to detect a malicious payload. For example, the use of PowerShell in these attacks is very common. ESET endpoint protection platforms have mitigations in place to detect malformed or hijacked applications to protect against fileless attacks. ESET has also created dedicated scanners to constantly check memory for anything that is suspicious. By utilizing this multilayered approach, we make sure we always stay one step ahead of the newest malware.
ESET is currently protecting over 110,000,000 users worldwide.
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On August 14, 2019 Newsweek Magazine named ESET to their best Business Tools 2019 list.
ESET scored higher in testing than all other antivirus vendors tested.

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