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Ransomware Attacks Sweeping the Country
(ESET) Ransomware wave hits 23 towns in Texas
Last week, more than 20 government organizations across Texas were hit with a coordinated ransomware attack. Cybercrooks often target state and local governments and educational institutions. As your security provider, we wanted to be sure you’re aware. Exactly how the attack was carried out is still being investigated, but it underscores the importance of detection and response capability. Many organizations are now exploring Enterprise Detection and Response (EDR) solutions, which uncover signs of suspicious behavior on your network and issue alarms so you can put a stop to intruders.
(CNN): Yet another company has been hit by a ransomware attack
Hackers have struck again with yet another ransomware attack. This time the victim was Pitney Bowes, a technology company based out of Stamford, Connecticut that provides ecommerce, shipping, data and mailing services. The company confirmed the attack on its website and is currently working to restore the affected systems. Its shipping and mailing services appear to have been hit the hardest by the attack, according to information on the company's website.
(CNN) In the last 10 months, 140 local governments, police stations and hospitals have been held hostage by ransomware attacks
The attack starts, innocently enough, with an email. But when someone clicks the link inside, hackers quickly take over. Computers at the school, hospital, or city government are locked, and the only way for employees to get back in is to pay the attacker hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Bitcoin. Just this year alone, 140 attacks targeting public state and local governments and health care providers have been reported, according to a tally by the cybersecurity firm Recorded Future, which has tracked attacks on local governments since 2013 and the healthcare industry since 2016.

Endpoint Detection & Response:
Why your business needs an EDR solution

As cyberthreats continue to evolve, your security strategy should adapt as well. While endpoint security continues to be crucial, you need increased visibility and the ability to ensure that emerging threats, risky employee behavior and unwanted applications aren’t putting your company’s profits and reputation at risk.

The solution? Implement an endpoint detection and response (EDR) system that continuously monitors and analyzes endpoint activity, enabling a rapid response to issues like zero-day threats, employee errors, APTs and ransomware.

  • Stages of EDR, including monitoring, detection, analysis & response
  • How EDR supports the remediation of any security issue
  • Use cases and best practices for EDR
  • Details on the ESET Enterprise Inspector EDR solution
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ESET Enterprise Inspector:
Uncover the unknown in your network

Learn about ESET’s EDR solution including use cases, rules and alerts that detect ransomware-like behavior, the ESET difference and more.

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Ransomware: An enterprise perspective

Our white paper explores ransomware in-depth: who it targets, common attack methods, countermeasures and prevention.

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